Ice Skating and Cross-Country Skiing

It’s been awhile since I posted anything so I decided to write about my ice skating/cross-country skiing adventure last weekend.  After all, I snowboard and downhill ski (at least I used to downhill ski) so how hard could cross-country skiing be?

I was planning on spending all day Saturday ice skating on my friend’s pond.  However, another friend said she wanted to cross-country ski this year so like most things I do, I said “What The Hell” and my Saturday plans were changed to cross-country skiing.  We decided to go to Chapin Forest in Kirkland and go in the evening so we could start off with daylight and end with the lights on the trail.

I still had ice skating on my mind and since I have new skates that haven’t really been broken in, I decided to go to the pond on my way to Chapin Forest.  I arrived at my friend’s house and trekked through the yard to the pond.  It was beautiful with only the footsteps of a bunny rabbit on top of the frozen pond which was lightly covered with snow.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of it before my clumsy ass went on the ice.  I gingerly walked on the ice to test it’s durability event though I knew it had to be frozen since it’s been in the negative digits quite a few times this year.  With step one complete, it was on to step two.  I walked back to the dock and sat down to put my skates on.  They fit like a glove and were very comfortable.  The best thing about them is they are very vegan friendly and are made with no animal products.  Next, I stood up and didn’t fall (VICTORY!!!!)  However, my ice skating soon turned into ice walking as I’m not very graceful and my ankles aren’t very strong.  I’m used to a skating rink where I can hold on to the sides.  After about a half hour, I was tired and it was time to head to Chapin Forest to try my hand at cross-country skiing.  I definitely left my imprint on the pond.  I’m sure no one else has my signature stride.  :)

Ice Skating Tracks

I arrived at Chapin Forest a half hour before our scheduled meeting which is par for the course for me.  Those who know me, know my motto.  “If I’m not 1/2 hour early, I’m 15 minutes late.”

Pam arrives in her new winter outfit.  She needed to get one since she tends to hibernate in the winter so I was surprised when she suggested cross-country skiing.Pam

She looked better than me in my outfit.


We get our skis and boots and head for the outside.  For those who ski or snowboard, you know how uncomfortable the boots can be.  I was pleasantly surprised that the boots for x-country skiing are just the opposite.  They are just like hiking boots.  We headed outside to put the skis on.  Pam put hers on with no problem (she had done this before).  I couldn’t figure it out so she had to take hers back off to come over and help me.   😉  Finally, I was able to click in.  Now, how do I get these things off?  Oh well, I’ll figure that later.

We head off into the woods and this doesn’t seem so bad – all you do is shuffle your feet along and occasionally use your poles.  I’m sure it’s not that easy; especially if you talk to a pro who wants to get somewhere fast.  Soon, I was picking my feet up because it was like I had sand paper on the bottom of my skis and they were no longer sliding.  Somehow, I ended up with snow caked on the bottom of my skis right under the bindings so it acted like a break and I wasn’t moving anywhere fast.  Finally, with the help of Pam, I was able to remove the snow and start sliding on the snow again.  Just then, we reached our first decline.  I wish I had the snow on the bottom of my skis again because now I’m going too fast and I can’t stop.  UGH!!!!  Oh well, down I went.  I didn’t have to worry about counting my falls since Pam was doing a good job for me as you will hear in my video.

Here’s a video of Pam skiing on a decline.  Here’s my video.  To my defense, my decline was a lot longer than Pam’s.  :)

The best part of the night was sitting by the fire after all the physical activity was done.

Sitting by the fireT

Thanks for reading my adventures or should I say my misadventures.  Stay tuned for my recipes I am going to use on Super Bowl Sunday.